100th Day of School Poster


Lil’ M1’s 100th day of school is coming up. His teacher asked us to make a poster of 100 items of their choice. We made one of his favorite Lorax scenes, the marshmallow explosion. I thought the poster board would be too big for 100 mini marshmallows but lesson learned-different items at 100 count can look big or small. Can’t wait for him to see his classmates projects and see how different 100 can look – even Momma M learned something.


Snowflake Cutting


It snowed here last night so it inspired me to do a snowflake crafts with the Lil’ Ms. I got a little lost on the Internet with all the snowflake crafts available and came across these templates from http://snowflakes.jumpsquares.com/star-wars-snowflakes

My attempt is pictured above. I had to take my time and use an Xacto knife but I think I did a good job.

So many fun Star Wars snowflakes, this Boba/Clone one was free. Try out Darth Vader too. Check out how they included the Imperial logo in the center. My favorite is the Han Solo snowflake.

Pennies for the Philippines


Lil’ Ms love going to their local Coinstar machine. Seeing the coins disappear into the machine is so exciting for them. Did you know Coinstar machines accept your coins, without a processing fee and donates to a charity. We wanted to do our part for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. So we selected UNICEF for emergency relief. Lil’ M recently started a penny jar for school and I thought I’d teach him about those less fortunate and a part of the world where his family is from. No matter how small, a little goes a long way if everyone were to do it. Got any extra pennies or coins around? Take it to your local Coinstar, take your kids and donate to the UNICEF emergency relief.

Going nuts with nuts – getting them to play and eat nuts.


The produce department setup a nut display and the first thing I thought, how much fun would it be to smash nuts with a hammer. So Lil’ M1 & 2 picked out one of each kind, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts.

It’s the first thing they wanted to do even before I could put away all the groceries. I asked them to feel the texture of each one, shake it and then time to smash it. After cracking each one, Lil’ M1 tasted it. (Lil’ M2 has an allergy to nuts but he still smashed them). And his favorite, the almond.

I really enjoyed this activity. My favorite part was his eagerness to taste the nuts. What a great way for Lil’ M1 to try nuts instead of just opening a bag.

PUPPET THEATER part 1 DIY felt puppets

I can’t get over these fun and exciting DIY puppets. My kids love Little Einsteins and Octonauts but many of the toys are either sold in the UK or no longer available. What an inventive way to have these characters at home. Thank you Pinterested Parent!

The Pinterested Parent


It can sometimes be exhausting finding activities to fill your toddler’s day, especially when they are as curious as my busy baby. We try to fill her days with fun activities and books but sometimes (and don’t think me a bad mom) it is a nice break to sit her down in front of Disney Junior or a Baby Einstein video, so I can fix dinner or just grab a moment for ourselves.

Lately she has been requesting to watch television far more than I want to accommodate. Mommy created a bad habit. This worries me. She has a particular fondness to ‘Little Einstein’s’. “Stein, Stein” she asks, when she wants to watch them. She loves these characters. I came across a few different ideas for puppets the other day & it made me think, maybe I could give her those characters she loves without having to turn on the…

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My First Sensory Bags


I like to call them Gloppity Goop cause it sounds way more fun then “hey guys you want to make your own sensory bags?” Don’t know why I never did this before, it’s so easy and mess free. What you need:

Freezer bags (much stronger against all that squeezing and squishing)
Hair Gel (my dollar store only had pre-colored hair gel)
Misc sensory bag items such as beads, jewels, glitter, Pom poms, googly eyes etc – just nothing too sharp that it could poke a hole

I had the kids participate in the making of their bags, even had Lil’ M count his pieces before dropping them in. After you’ve put all your pieces in, push out as much air, then seal with duct or packing tape.

Squish away!

GoTo Grocery: Applegate Herb Turkey Breast


Product above was found at:
Trader Joes
Wegmans – Smoked Turkey Breast $6.49

Recently I attended my first “twitter party” and learned more about a great company, Applegate. Their products have no hormones, chemical preservatives or antibiotics. It was my GoTo deli meat during pregnancy-no nitrates! One of the most interesting things I learned- all their animals are raised on family farms employing sustainable farming practices and humane treatment. Who wants factory raised, confined living conditions, antibiotic pumped food? Thanks to Applegate for making the extra effort and being in touch with their customers through social media. And I’ll say it again, they really should sell their products at Disney!

We enjoy this with a jalapeño wrap from Trader Joes.

“JUICY” Cornish Hens


When Daddy M approached me for a Medieval Times type of meal, I found this so named “Juicy Cornish Hens” recipe on the former recipezaar.com, now known as Food.com. If you haven’t been to Medieval Times, they serve a small roasted chicken and the closest to small is a cornish hen. I’ve made this recipe multiple times, shared it with friends and each time the hens come out juicy and delicious. It’s impossible to eat your sides because you can’t put the bird down. (Carb free meal maybe?) The combination of fresh orange juice, chili powder and honey are perfect on this tiny bird. A great tip for this recipe, slice oranges, place in a single layer and cook your hens on top. Also it should be noted, cornish hen sizes vary by location, which generally affects cooking time.

So easy to make. A quick meal to prepare and throw in the oven. Simple.
Click Here For The Recipe

REVIEWS: Airport Assistance, A Meet & Greet Service


If you’ve traveled lately, the airport departure can be stressful – you need to work through the check in machine quickly, check in your luggage and go through security. Try that experience with kids, making sure not to lose one, have them run into oncoming pedestrian traffic or have an incident during the security clearance all while pushing a stroller and rolling your carryon. Before our recent vacation, a friend recommended Airport Assistance. This meet and greet service walks you from airport arrival to your gate – no stress, no worry and FAST. After I met with our greeter, we were checked in, done with security and waiting at the gate in less than 15 minutes. I’ve known people that missed their flights because they were stuck at the security lines.

This greeter is your helping hand and airport know it all. They handle the check in machine, explain your options, check in your luggage and walk you through security with little to no wait. Our greeter was excellent and the main reason we choose this service – it’s great for families, especially with young kids. Rates vary by location but definitely worth the price to have a helping hand.

Why? Here’s a picture of what happened to Lil’ M2 on our return.
At airport security, we were all separated, checked and of course during that time Lil’ M2 had an “incident”. No extra pants, the tiny airport only offered sweatpants. Never thought sweatpants would be the only kids item at a tropical island airport.