A Cover Like No Other

This weekend I attended the New York Family Magazine’s New York Baby Show.  It was  a great display of baby/child related vendors.  If you were expecting or have kids, the show had something to offer.  To me, the product that stood out the most was the Booby Trapper.  A Canadian company, the nursing cover was developed in 2009 by Nancy Armstrong and features a double rimmed canopy.


The Boobpy Trapper

With so many nursing covers out in the market, and after nursing my first two (1 for 11 months and 2 for 18 months) I have definitely gone through my fair share of covers.  My first was the Peanut Shell Nursing cover purchased at my local baby store.  Although it featured a nice lightweight pattern, it did not provide the appropriate coverage on the sides. The rim was weak and provided no line of sight to the baby and the breast.  Next up, my fellow nursing moms owned the popular, Bebe Au Lait.  But after my trial and inspection, the sides still didn’t cover my guns and had a single rim.  After a few months and a few gusts of wind providing a little show, I found the Balboa Baby Nursing Cover.  At the time, it was the widest cover I could find.  I chose a dark colored fabric and it had a single rim.  It served its purpose but the dark fabric was very difficult for me to see the baby, especially in a dimly lit place like a restaurant.

Side by Side Balboa Baby (Left) and Booby Trapper (Right)

Side by Side
Balboa Baby (Left) and Booby Trapper (Right)

Now with my youngest at 2 months, I was in the market for a new cover.  The Booby Trapper caught my attention and I was given the opportunity to try it out.  The fabric is comfortable, loose and comes in beautiful light patterns.  The double rim is like no other.   When I nurse Baby Girl, my opposite arm/hand doesn’t have to adjust the cover.

My view down. Notice the extra space to view the baby.

My view down. Notice the extra space to view the baby.

I can focus on her, the proper latch and feel secure that I am covered on all sides without being confined to fabric that flaps over her face and blocks proper attachment to the nipple.  I love this product and will recommend it to all nursing moms.

Try this for yourself and check out the unique double rim feature.  After you’re done nursing, the cover can be used as a car seat cover or folded up nice and neat into your diaper bag.

Holiday Breeze Fabric Pattern

My favorite pattern: Holiday Breeze

Booby Trapper can be found at http://www.boobytrapper.ca


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