No More Mess

I started potty training Lil’ M1 at 22 months.  The boy was ready and eager to potty train.  I thought I had it made and found this so easy….that is at home.

Now at home, it was no problem.  He would stand on the stool or sit on the toilet and there was no mess. Wait…actually, I had to train him sitting and facing the opposite direction because the mess a boy can make was all new to me.  It would spill everywhere and leak through the toilet seat.  Then came the day when I was out, in a restaurant or grocery store.  My clever and sanitary portable potty setup or toilet seat covers were not practical.  So I attempted standing him on the toilet – standing on it because he was too short to stand in front of it.  But what a disaster.  The pee would shoot everywhere…on me, on my hand, on his shoe, on his pants….EVERYWHERE but the toilet.  What a mess! But there was no way I was going to take him to a disgusting public or restaurant bathroom, take off his pants, socks and shoes just to do #1.  My husband seemed to have no issues in this department.  He understood how to help guide Lil’ M1’s lil’ soldier.  I had no clue.  And sure, for a man you’ve held and controlled one your whole life but for a mom it’s all new to me.  All I knew was being soaked in urine is nasty and I had to figure an alternative way that worked for me.

After some research, I found the Tinkle Tube.  As they promise on their website, it is “FAST, EASY & CLEAN”.  This was it. So what is the Tinkle Tube?  It’s a clear plastic tube, placed over his soldier and provides an extension for the stream to fall directly into the toilet.  The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe it.  I wanted to tell everyone and scream from the mountain tops.  I left the bathroom with Lil’ M1, dry, clean and happy.

Order your own at the Baby Rock Apparel online store.  It’s on sale now for $2.99.  I suggest you buy 2 or 4.  Keep 2 for your self, one for your diaper bag and one for the car (in case you forget it) and a pair to give to your friends with potty training boys.  They will thank you for it.

Check out the funny video about the Tinkle Tube.  I couldn’t stop laughing and it was exactly the dilemma I had with potty training boys.


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