It’s APPtastic: Fax Burner (FREE)


From time to time, I get asked to fax a document. I don’t have a designated fax machine or a land line to connect my printer/fax combo: why would I? Who still faxes? So what’s a mom to do? Staples? FedEx? The library? You really want me to take 3 kids to a store just to fax a one page document? Not anymore! Recently, I discovered the Fax Burner app by Networx Online, Inc. It so easy to use, I took care of a fax on my iPhone. Save the document in your Dropbox and create a cover in the app. You have 25 free fax pages per month and can pay for upgrades including your own line. The receiving line changes after one day of use. Best part, the app is FREE. Next time you need to send a fax, use Fax Burner-It’s APPtastic!


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