100th Day of School Poster


Lil’ M1’s 100th day of school is coming up. His teacher asked us to make a poster of 100 items of their choice. We made one of his favorite Lorax scenes, the marshmallow explosion. I thought the poster board would be too big for 100 mini marshmallows but lesson learned-different items at 100 count can look big or small. Can’t wait for him to see his classmates projects and see how different 100 can look – even Momma M learned something.


Snowflake Cutting


It snowed here last night so it inspired me to do a snowflake crafts with the Lil’ Ms. I got a little lost on the Internet with all the snowflake crafts available and came across these templates from http://snowflakes.jumpsquares.com/star-wars-snowflakes

My attempt is pictured above. I had to take my time and use an Xacto knife but I think I did a good job.

So many fun Star Wars snowflakes, this Boba/Clone one was free. Try out Darth Vader too. Check out how they included the Imperial logo in the center. My favorite is the Han Solo snowflake.

My First Sensory Bags


I like to call them Gloppity Goop cause it sounds way more fun then “hey guys you want to make your own sensory bags?” Don’t know why I never did this before, it’s so easy and mess free. What you need:

Freezer bags (much stronger against all that squeezing and squishing)
Hair Gel (my dollar store only had pre-colored hair gel)
Misc sensory bag items such as beads, jewels, glitter, Pom poms, googly eyes etc – just nothing too sharp that it could poke a hole

I had the kids participate in the making of their bags, even had Lil’ M count his pieces before dropping them in. After you’ve put all your pieces in, push out as much air, then seal with duct or packing tape.

Squish away!

My Very Own Paint Your Own Studio


Forget expensive paint your own studios-make, bake and paint your own salt dough creations at home. When I first took Lil’ M1 to one of these places, it was a bit pricey. He couldn’t make a decision on a piece and after a few strokes he would ask for another. Salt dough your way to an endless supply of “sculptures” to paint. I even had the chance to make each M’s hand print. After the paint dries, I’ll have to see if Modge Podge will seal it. Do it with your kids. Easy to make with only 3 ingredients-flour, salt and water. Paint away!