PUPPET THEATER part 1 DIY felt puppets

I can’t get over these fun and exciting DIY puppets. My kids love Little Einsteins and Octonauts but many of the toys are either sold in the UK or no longer available. What an inventive way to have these characters at home. Thank you Pinterested Parent!

The Pinterested Parent


It can sometimes be exhausting finding activities to fill your toddler’s day, especially when they are as curious as my busy baby. We try to fill her days with fun activities and books but sometimes (and don’t think me a bad mom) it is a nice break to sit her down in front of Disney Junior or a Baby Einstein video, so I can fix dinner or just grab a moment for ourselves.

Lately she has been requesting to watch television far more than I want to accommodate. Mommy created a bad habit. This worries me. She has a particular fondness to ‘Little Einstein’s’. “Stein, Stein” she asks, when she wants to watch them. She loves these characters. I came across a few different ideas for puppets the other day & it made me think, maybe I could give her those characters she loves without having to turn on the…

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GoTo Grocery: Applegate Herb Turkey Breast


Product above was found at:
Trader Joes
Wegmans – Smoked Turkey Breast $6.49

Recently I attended my first “twitter party” and learned more about a great company, Applegate. Their products have no hormones, chemical preservatives or antibiotics. It was my GoTo deli meat during pregnancy-no nitrates! One of the most interesting things I learned- all their animals are raised on family farms employing sustainable farming practices and humane treatment. Who wants factory raised, confined living conditions, antibiotic pumped food? Thanks to Applegate for making the extra effort and being in touch with their customers through social media. And I’ll say it again, they really should sell their products at Disney!

We enjoy this with a jalapeño wrap from Trader Joes.

“Brother’s gonn…

“Brother’s gonna stay at home and I’ll keep an EYE on Daddy at baseball.”

Lil’ M1’s description of the events to happen later this evening.  

Lil’ M2 is under the weather and has to stay at home while Lil’ M1 goes to play baseball.