It’s APPtastic: Fax Burner (FREE)


From time to time, I get asked to fax a document. I don’t have a designated fax machine or a land line to connect my printer/fax combo: why would I? Who still faxes? So what’s a mom to do? Staples? FedEx? The library? You really want me to take 3 kids to a store just to fax a one page document? Not anymore! Recently, I discovered the Fax Burner app by Networx Online, Inc. It so easy to use, I took care of a fax on my iPhone. Save the document in your Dropbox and create a cover in the app. You have 25 free fax pages per month and can pay for upgrades including your own line. The receiving line changes after one day of use. Best part, the app is FREE. Next time you need to send a fax, use Fax Burner-It’s APPtastic!


My Very Own Paint Your Own Studio


Forget expensive paint your own studios-make, bake and paint your own salt dough creations at home. When I first took Lil’ M1 to one of these places, it was a bit pricey. He couldn’t make a decision on a piece and after a few strokes he would ask for another. Salt dough your way to an endless supply of “sculptures” to paint. I even had the chance to make each M’s hand print. After the paint dries, I’ll have to see if Modge Podge will seal it. Do it with your kids. Easy to make with only 3 ingredients-flour, salt and water. Paint away!

Going Green – Italian Ice Style


Nothing like beating the heat with some ice pops or better yet green juice ice pops! These two weren’t used to eating pops on a stick so I crushed them in a bowl-just like having Italian ice. They enjoyed it as much as they enjoyed chewing on cubes of ice. The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait to try it with our other juice recipes.

POLL: The Alternative Aquarium


Make sure you stop by the lobster tank to see the lobsters in action. It always makes their trip to the supermarket that much more fun.

Another great place to go is the pet store – there are so many fish available it will be sure to entertain your little one.

Quick & Easy Lego Clean Up

Lego clean up can take what seems like forever. And as you try to pick up all the left over pieces your lil’ guy is already getting into something he shouldn’t be. My solution, the Lego toddler blanket. Pour all the Legos on a large blanket. Play, imagine and pretend with Lego fun. When you’re finished, wrap up the corners of your blanket and pour it into your Lego container. Voila! Lego clean up in 5 seconds.

Quick & Easy Lego Clean Up

“Brother’s gonn…

“Brother’s gonna stay at home and I’ll keep an EYE on Daddy at baseball.”

Lil’ M1’s description of the events to happen later this evening.  

Lil’ M2 is under the weather and has to stay at home while Lil’ M1 goes to play baseball.