Going nuts with nuts – getting them to play and eat nuts.


The produce department setup a nut display and the first thing I thought, how much fun would it be to smash nuts with a hammer. So Lil’ M1 & 2 picked out one of each kind, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and Brazil nuts.

It’s the first thing they wanted to do even before I could put away all the groceries. I asked them to feel the texture of each one, shake it and then time to smash it. After cracking each one, Lil’ M1 tasted it. (Lil’ M2 has an allergy to nuts but he still smashed them). And his favorite, the almond.

I really enjoyed this activity. My favorite part was his eagerness to taste the nuts. What a great way for Lil’ M1 to try nuts instead of just opening a bag.


GoTo Grocery: Applegate Herb Turkey Breast


Product above was found at:
Trader Joes
Wegmans – Smoked Turkey Breast $6.49

Recently I attended my first “twitter party” and learned more about a great company, Applegate. Their products have no hormones, chemical preservatives or antibiotics. It was my GoTo deli meat during pregnancy-no nitrates! One of the most interesting things I learned- all their animals are raised on family farms employing sustainable farming practices and humane treatment. Who wants factory raised, confined living conditions, antibiotic pumped food? Thanks to Applegate for making the extra effort and being in touch with their customers through social media. And I’ll say it again, they really should sell their products at Disney!

We enjoy this with a jalapeƱo wrap from Trader Joes.