“JUICY” Cornish Hens


When Daddy M approached me for a Medieval Times type of meal, I found this so named “Juicy Cornish Hens” recipe on the former recipezaar.com, now known as Food.com. If you haven’t been to Medieval Times, they serve a small roasted chicken and the closest to small is a cornish hen. I’ve made this recipe multiple times, shared it with friends and each time the hens come out juicy and delicious. It’s impossible to eat your sides because you can’t put the bird down. (Carb free meal maybe?) The combination of fresh orange juice, chili powder and honey are perfect on this tiny bird. A great tip for this recipe, slice oranges, place in a single layer and cook your hens on top. Also it should be noted, cornish hen sizes vary by location, which generally affects cooking time.

So easy to make. A quick meal to prepare and throw in the oven. Simple.
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