I Speak For the Trees

He is the Lorax and he speaks for the trees.  Lorax brown bag puppets.  Rainy day fun includes a Lorax viewing and some brown bag crafts.  LoraxLorax & Once-ler


Quick & Easy Lego Clean Up

Lego clean up can take what seems like forever. And as you try to pick up all the left over pieces your lil’ guy is already getting into something he shouldn’t be. My solution, the Lego toddler blanket. Pour all the Legos on a large blanket. Play, imagine and pretend with Lego fun. When you’re finished, wrap up the corners of your blanket and pour it into your Lego container. Voila! Lego clean up in 5 seconds.

Quick & Easy Lego Clean Up

Wompy’s – More Than Music

As a stay at home mom, I’m always on the hunt for activities, free or paid.  One of my favorite resources is your local library. They introduced me and my kids to Wompy’s, a musical play program.  I’ve seen my share of music programs and classes for toddlers.  Often these trials didn’t leave me convinced and my kids weren’t interested.  Wompy’s offered a trial one day a week for one month at my local library – which was more than enough.  They had me at the catchy opening song and convincing moms is just as important as the kids.

From the moment Wompy’s starts, the kids are focused and excited.  Each child is provided with a “shaker” and Wompy, the music program’s dog mascot puppet, welcomes them to their class.  Throughout the 45 minute session, the instructor pulls out either a story board or prop, introduces the lesson, song and musical instrument.  Then the full song is played along with the kids playing with their musical instrument or prop.  After the song, each child is instructed to return the instrument.  When this concept was first introduced, I cringed at the thought of my child getting a new toy and then have to put it back so quickly.  This was due to all my painful run ins at the toy aisle or the sighting of a toy display.  So the children have the instrument aka shiny new toy, for the duration of the song (probably 30 seconds or less) and the seconds before when introduced to it.  To my surprise, all the kids return the instruments and with urgency.  Even my “me me me, mine mine mine” Lil’ M2 was one of the first to return the instruments.  This cycle of intro, instrument, song, return continues throughout the class.  The last prop is a bubble machine – pure genius! Kids and bubbles, you can’t take them away from it.  Even as an adult, I am fascinated with bubbles.  So much so that my summer time fun time budget must include extra bubble juice and toys.  The class concludes with a farewell to their beloved Wompy and a sticker to send each child off.

Ms. Lauren teaching the class with props.

Ms. Lauren teaching the class with props.

I’ve never been more of a skeptic with musical classes such as this.  But my kids absolutely loved it and I did too.  It wasn’t lame, boring or cheesy.  Co-Owners, Rick and Lauren Greenberg are involved and care for each child’s musical education.  A lot of these types of programs always seem so cold-hearted and out for the quick sale.  But with this married duo, you can tell they love children and what they do.

Ms. Lauren takes Wompy around to greet each student.

Ms. Lauren takes Wompy around to greet each student.

Wompy’s is more than a music program.  It teaches them discipline, manners and respect.  Also, it is a great social experience for children before they start school.  According to their website, Wompy’s is suitable for kids 6 mo thru 4.  Come see it for yourself and try it for free.  You won’t regret it and you’ll be immediately convinced.  Check their site out here.

No More Mess

I started potty training Lil’ M1 at 22 months.  The boy was ready and eager to potty train.  I thought I had it made and found this so easy….that is at home.

Now at home, it was no problem.  He would stand on the stool or sit on the toilet and there was no mess. Wait…actually, I had to train him sitting and facing the opposite direction because the mess a boy can make was all new to me.  It would spill everywhere and leak through the toilet seat.  Then came the day when I was out, in a restaurant or grocery store.  My clever and sanitary portable potty setup or toilet seat covers were not practical.  So I attempted standing him on the toilet – standing on it because he was too short to stand in front of it.  But what a disaster.  The pee would shoot everywhere…on me, on my hand, on his shoe, on his pants….EVERYWHERE but the toilet.  What a mess! But there was no way I was going to take him to a disgusting public or restaurant bathroom, take off his pants, socks and shoes just to do #1.  My husband seemed to have no issues in this department.  He understood how to help guide Lil’ M1’s lil’ soldier.  I had no clue.  And sure, for a man you’ve held and controlled one your whole life but for a mom it’s all new to me.  All I knew was being soaked in urine is nasty and I had to figure an alternative way that worked for me.

After some research, I found the Tinkle Tube.  As they promise on their website, it is “FAST, EASY & CLEAN”.  This was it. So what is the Tinkle Tube?  It’s a clear plastic tube, placed over his soldier and provides an extension for the stream to fall directly into the toilet.  The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe it.  I wanted to tell everyone and scream from the mountain tops.  I left the bathroom with Lil’ M1, dry, clean and happy.

Order your own at the Baby Rock Apparel online store.  It’s on sale now for $2.99.  I suggest you buy 2 or 4.  Keep 2 for your self, one for your diaper bag and one for the car (in case you forget it) and a pair to give to your friends with potty training boys.  They will thank you for it.

Check out the funny video about the Tinkle Tube.  I couldn’t stop laughing and it was exactly the dilemma I had with potty training boys.

FREE FUN: Lowes Build & Grow

Top on my list of favorite activities to do with my kids is the Lowes Build & Grow Kids Clinics.  On select Saturday mornings and now Sunday afternoons, visit your local Lowes and build a wooden project.  At my local Lowes, only 50 seats are available and pre-registration is highly recommended.  Spaces fill up quickly so you have to keep up with the registration dates.

Completed Sweatheart Frame

Completed Sweatheart Frame

I love taking the kids here because they don’t post an age minimum.  I can take my toddlers, ages 2 & 3 and their favorite part, typically the last step, is the sticker placement.  And their mommy, a wanna be Bob Villa, gets to build fun easy little wooden projects from scratch.  Of course, I include the kids in the occasional nail pounding but there is only so much their attention span can handle.


Lil’ M Hammering It Up

Some of the projects are complicated and other times its down right easy.  But for a free activity, the kids get to build and decorate a new toy.

Sign up to register for the next workshop on Saturday, June 8th at 10 AM and Sunday, June 9th at 2 PM.  Registration is open today.  The project: Monsters University Scarers – build Mike and Sulley Scarers.