REVIEWS: Airport Assistance, A Meet & Greet Service


If you’ve traveled lately, the airport departure can be stressful – you need to work through the check in machine quickly, check in your luggage and go through security. Try that experience with kids, making sure not to lose one, have them run into oncoming pedestrian traffic or have an incident during the security clearance all while pushing a stroller and rolling your carryon. Before our recent vacation, a friend recommended Airport Assistance. This meet and greet service walks you from airport arrival to your gate – no stress, no worry and FAST. After I met with our greeter, we were checked in, done with security and waiting at the gate in less than 15 minutes. I’ve known people that missed their flights because they were stuck at the security lines.

This greeter is your helping hand and airport know it all. They handle the check in machine, explain your options, check in your luggage and walk you through security with little to no wait. Our greeter was excellent and the main reason we choose this service – it’s great for families, especially with young kids. Rates vary by location but definitely worth the price to have a helping hand.

Why? Here’s a picture of what happened to Lil’ M2 on our return.
At airport security, we were all separated, checked and of course during that time Lil’ M2 had an “incident”. No extra pants, the tiny airport only offered sweatpants. Never thought sweatpants would be the only kids item at a tropical island airport.